With 20 years in the business, we can show you that some of the best halibut and salmon fishing is right here in Seward, Alaska.  We run charter fishing, halibut fishing and sightseeing (including calving glacier) trips from 1 May thru 15 Sep.


Peak Season              16 Jun-6 SEP

My New Boat

During peak season, we mainly run combination trips. Want a single species only, you can buy out the boat for your group (up to 6 people), or 4 minimum people on certain trips/days, check pricing page.

Halibut Fishing charter fishing

Charter vessel halibut anglers may keep one fish of any size per day and one fish that is no more than 28 inches in length. Charter vessel anglers are not subject to an annual limit on the number of halibut they retain.
Charter vessel anglers may catch and retain halibut on all days of the week except Wed.

Current Affair Charters

Just purchased a 30 ft. Blackfeather Catamaran for comfort and speed. She will be running the 2020 Season. Want a custom trip? Buy out the boat/Exclusive/Private trip for your group ONLY, up to 6 people.

Check out my booking calendar, we book for a couple other boats also. Thanks for your support, see you in 2022.

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